Become A Good Musician

Become A Good Musician

How To Become A Good Musician

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Have a Desire

This would be the single most important thing to have before doing anything.

Do Research

Find out what instrument is the most appealing to you and how practical it would be for you to invest money and time in.


If your desire is strong enough you will find a way. Talk to your school and ask if there are any used instruments for sale. Craigslist, friends and local music shops are great places to start.

Get Lessons

Skype a lesson is running a promotion on all lessons. With one click of a button you will be on your way.


Refer to #1 on the list and most likely this won’t be a problem. In fact It is the only way to get better.

Listen to the Greats

There is a reason why some musicians become iconic, their music moves you. That should be enough to inspire you to make your own music.


There are music lovers all around you. Join the school band that would be my first choice. If you can play a tune I would look into open mic’s, there are plenty of them to fit all ages and most are very receptive to beginner musicians.


Find Friends to jam with. Start your own band, someone has to start the ball rolling, why not you.  It’s your time to shine.  Let the world know how good you are.  Remember practice makes perfect.  Trust me, not every show will be what you expect, keep trying and never give up. We hope you enjoyed this article on How to Become A Good Musician.

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