Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Benefits of Learning an Instrument

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Benefits of Learning an Instrument

As a musician and a fellow human being, my personal belief is that music can evoke every emotion available to humans, and will affect every one differently depending on what is being listened to and what your mood is at the time. There is no wrong or right with music, only feelings. Does it connect with you or not. I think we get caught up in the politics and marketing of music and therefore judge its effect on acceptance or social peer pressure and not for how it makes you feel or the ability to change your mood or outlook. Quite simply does the music bring an emotion or not? It really does not matter if you are performing it, how popular or famous you are or if you are young and rebellious because learning an instrument will benefit you somehow in your present and future endeavors.


Learning an instrument at an early age can improve your IQ up seven points. The part of your brain that controls motor skills, hearing, storing audio information, and memory will become more active.

Brain Skills

Research across the board says that playing an instrument will stimulate your brain and increase your memory. It can also improve your spatial temporal skills substantially.


Learning an instrument at some level will require you to work with other musicians, will teach you cooperation and greatly improve your listening skills when making a cohesive piece of music together.


Playing an instrument will help with organizational skills. This comes from learning to use your time wisely when practicing to achieve your goal of playing music effectively. In order for a musician to become better they must practice, and will soon realize it is not about quantity but quality to achieve this.


Researchers have overwhelmingly agreed that music helps your mathematical ability. Music requires counting notes / rhythms and music theory includes many aspects of mathematics. Researchers also did studies on students who played an instrument or studied the arts in school and found they are often better at math and achieve better scores on tests compared to students who don’t play an instrument.


According to direct links from Oxford and Yale researchers, children exposed to music for an extended length of time will display superior reading skills compared to non musically trained students.

Stress and Disorders

According to many doctors, music relieves stress and is also a great form of therapy. Music therapy is a proven science and has proven to be very useful in treating children and teens with depression, autism, and many other disorders.

Fun, Creation and Friendship

Finally Playing a musical instrument has many benefits, many I have mentioned came from doctors and scientists. The biggest reward in my opinion comes from how it makes you feel creating something that affects other people around you.

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