Blues Scale – 5 Fingerings

Blues Scale - 5 Fingerings

The Minor and Major Blues scale by far is the most used scale or mode used in Blues and all genres of music, and most popular in Rock and Blues based music.

This mode is derived from the Major scale, or the Natural Minor scale also know as a Heptatonic scale which uses seven notes. The Pentatonic scale uses five notes per octave and is know as a Major Pentatonic or a Minor Pentatonic mode/scale.


C D E F G A B = C major scale, notes highlighted are Cmajor Pentatonic scale
A B C D E F G = A minor scale, notes highlighted are Aminor Pentatonic scale

In this video below I will show you the Major and Minor Pentatonic scale in a organized pattern that will enable you to find this scale anywhere on the guitar.

I broke these patterns into five groups and labeled them fingerings 1-5. There is also a written grid for all the fingerings below as well. As usual keep on playing and enjoy.

Video Below

Blues Scale - 5 Fingerings Video

Blues Scale 5 Fingerings

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