Finger Picking Through The City of New Orleans

Finger Picking Through The City of New Orleans

Finger picking or Finger style guitar is a technique using your finger tips, finger nails, or picks attached to your fingers. There are many ways to approach this style. In north America the finger styles are ragtime, Carter Family picking, Travis picking, clawhammer, and frailing to name a few. I have chosen one in this video to accompany the song City of New Orleans a song performed by Arlo Guthrie. The style is a cross between Travis and Carter Family finger picking. In this video I explained what strings to pluck and in what order. I have the chord changes to the tune below.

Experimenting with different finger picking styles is a great way to come up with your own style, and that is comfortable for you. Take into consideration if you are going to sing, that the pattern is easy enough to do while you are singing. This usually depends on the layout of the melody. As usual have fun and keep on finger picking.

Video Below

Finger Picking Through The City of New Orleans Video

Finger Picking through the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS

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