Chordal Arrangement Techniques

Chordal Arrangement Techniques

This video on chordal arrangement techniques has two steps. The first step is simply going up a diatonic third of the key for whatever chord is being presented and adding that chord to the arrangement.

Example Key of C Major:

Cmaj7 up a diatonic 3rd would be Em7        Em7 simulates The Cmaj9th
Dm7 up a diatonic 3rd would be Fmaj7        Fmaj7 simulates the Dm9th

The 2nd step of this arrangement is preceding each chord with a 5th tone higher and making that a dominant chord


B7  -  Em7   The B is a 5th higher than E  

Which simulates at least the roots as a two five chord progression. Keeping in mind that the dominant chord should be altered depending on the melody notes that are played over it. As always keep on strumming

Video Below

Chordal Arrangement Techniques Video

chordal arrangement technique chord ex. 1-3
chordal arrangement technique chord grid page 1

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