Chords and Modes of C Major

Chords and Modes of C Major

In this video we will learn the chords related to or diatonic to the key of C major . The fingerings I chose all have the roots on the 5th string moving down the neck of the guitar. There are many different fingerings for these chords as well as many different inversions and interpretations of these chords. The few I demonstrated are the basic fingerings and should not be overlooked.

The scales and fingerings that accompany these chords are diatonic or relating to the key of C major. The fingerings I chose cover one octave of notes and all the scales start on the 3rd string and end up on the 1st string. As like the chords there are many fingerings you can use for these scales but theses will get you started. The chords and scales are all moveable meaning you can move them up or down the fingerboard and play in different keys. The tabs for the scales and chords will be below the video for easy reference. As usual keep on strumming.

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Chords and Modes of C Major Video

chords and modes key of C major
chords and modes of C major

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