Exploring Suspended Chords In Jazz

Exploring Suspended Chords In Jazz

A suspended chord is a musical chord in which the third is replaced with the perfect fourth or a major second. The lack of the third creates an open airy sound unresolved suspended sound. There are many folk and rock songs that incorporate the sus. Chords sometimes resolved sometimes not.

Pinball Wizard (The Who)
Happy X-mas (John Lennon)

In this video I will demonstrate the use of sus chords at a Jazz viewpoint. Looking at sus chords they are stacked in diatonic 4ths which gives the chord a quartal harmony which is used quite often in Jazz. By adding different bass notes you can create many different types of chords and many different voicings. You will have to brush up on your jazz theory to understand the different chords that are available.

Example Dsus4 chord or Gsus2 chord with an E in the bass will turn that into a Em11th chord

Dsus = D, G, A,
Em11 = E, A, D, G, (Stacked in Diatonic fourths)

As usual keep on strumming.

Video Below

Exploring Suspended Chords In Jazz Video

exploring suspeneded chords

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