How Much Do Lessons Cost


– 30 Minute Lesson – $24.99
– 45 Minute Lesson – $37.99
– 1 Hour Lesson – $49.99

Get a deal when you buy 4 lessons at a time.

What is the Signup Process

The Sign Up Process is very easy. If this is your first lesson its free and you can click here and schedule your best date and time for your free 30 minute lesson.  If you have any questions you can always Call us Directly. We can setup your appointments over the phone if you like and we can discuss the process in more detail.

What I am Looking For is Not Being Offered

We are sorry to hear this. We will research any and all of your requests in order to satisfy your needs. Please Send us an Email letting us know what it is that we are not offering and how we can assist you.

Cancellation and Tardiness Policy

24 hour notice must be given when a cancelling a class. Messages left on voice mail with dates and times are acceptable. If proper notice is not given, the lesson may be lost without reimbursement.

In the extremely rare event that your teacher is absent or tardy, the school will provide another qualified teacher in there stead, the lesson will be made up at another time or reimbursement will be given.

If a student is tardy we will do our best to provide a full lesson but in some cases we will have to finish at the scheduled finish time in which case the remainder of the time will be lost.

We do not follow public school closings and cancellations. Please contact the studio for more info on holidays. If your lesson falls on a closed school holiday the teacher will arrange a make up class with you.

Computer Issues and Internet Issues Policy

Skype a lesson does understand minor delays and technical difficulties and will try the best we can to get your full lesson in regardless.

If you have technical difficulties a technician will remote into your computer to fix the computer or camera problems. If you have internet problems or If a technician is not available we will provide a make up class or refund half of the money for that lesson and make an appointment with a technician to fix any technical difficulties.

In the extremely rare case that the teacher has internet or technical difficulties the lesson will be made up or reimbursement will be given.

How to Setup Skype

Because all of our lessons are over Skype we have made a Tutorial Video on how to Download, Install, and Setup Skype.

How to Setup Team Viewer

Because many of our lessons involve Team Viewer we have made a Tutorial Video on how to Download, Install, and Setup Team Viewer.

Are you Hiring

We only hire teachers and office assistants in our home offices that are located in South Florida and in Cornwall N.Y. Email Us your resume.


First lesson 100% free no credit card needed.

Get a free lesson when you reference someone and they attend at least 4 classes.

Save $10 by buying 4, 1 hour lessons at a time instead of 1 at a time.
Save $7 by buying 4, 45 minute lessons at a time instead of 1 at a time.
Save $5 by buying 4, 30 minute lessons at a time instead of 1 at a time.