Online Technology Lessons

Online Technology Lessons

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Online Technology Lessons

We make our hiring process difficult to make your learning experience easy.  All of our teachers are highly accredited and hold a 4 year degree or higher in their field of instruction.  Asides from years of education our teachers all have years of teaching and experience around the world in their field.

First Lesson Free

Whats better than learning the newest technology?  Learning it for free!  We want to make sure you love your lesson before paying a dime.  We know how important it is to feel comfortable with your teacher and believe that you should never have to pay anything to find out if your teacher is perfect for you.

Online Lesson Benefits

Are there any more benefits than being able to take technology lessons in your underwear and shirt without leaving the house?  We have top of the line equipment and incredibly fast internet to guarantee your lesson is in high definition.  We remote into your computer and work with you while communicating over the internet. Our teachers work in the field and are up to date with the newest techniques.

Technology Lessons

Online Website Development Lessons

Want to learn how to make websites? In this course we teach HTML and CSS basics then dive right into building rich and powerful sites like this one with WordPress. Learn how to make mobile and cross platform websites so no one is left out when trying to visit your site from any device or browser. Upon learning the basics of HTML and CSS we will discuss how to purchase a domain name and hosting. After the domain name and hosting lesson the student will purchase a website domain name and hosting that we will use for the WordPress lessons. The student will also learn graphical design elements. Don’t worry if your new to coding or website development we will teach you from the ground up.

Online Android Application Lessons

Got the perfect idea for an app? Have you ever wanted to learn how to make Android Applications for phones and tablets? This is the perfect place to start. Make Applications using an extremely powerful but easy to use platform. Create Applications that look and do what you want. You will also learn graphic design elements to make your Application creative and scalable for all versions of Android. Whether you have coding experience in other languages or this is your first time coding we guarantee you will love your structured journey to creating Android Applications. Once you have the knowledge required to create an Application we will teach you how to publish your perfect App to the Play Store.

Online SEO Lessons

So you got that amazing website to drive people to your business or blog but no one is coming. It takes much more than a website to grow your internet presence. If you don’t exist in google, unfortunately you don’t carry an online presence. Where does your site show up in google? You need a quality search engine optimization (SEO) presence in place to compete with and stay ahead of your competitors. If you are creating a website make sure to learn proper SEO techniques to build your website correctly from the beginning.

Online Marketing / PR Lessons

So now you have the website and proper SEO techniques in place what’s next? Well you can pay a ton of money to google ad words and pray for a return on investment or you can do marketing and PR work and build your presence on your own for a fraction of the price. We will help you market properly on social media platforms, get lasting business relationships with the type of partners that are profitable for your business, and much much more. Make sure that you do not learn blackhat techniques that can hurt your website and get you banned from google.