Online Piano Lessons

Online Piano Lessons

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The teachers at Skype A Lesson do not adopt the old school methods of instructing students to learn piano. We are well aware that young students as well as teens and adults do not want to rehash Mary had a little lamb every week. We use more updated techniques to inspire our students. We still use fundamental theory and harmony to teach, as well as reading notation and rhythm’s. From Jazz improvisation to playing a Bach concerto to Coldplay we bend to the desires of each student and do not have a set curriculum to follow. On top of having highly accredited and experienced teachers we use the best equipment around. Its important to note that not only do we have top of the line computers we also use multiple high definition cameras set for different angles and high speed internet so that your online piano lesson is reliable and in high definition. You will never get a random teacher teaching from there home with low quality cameras or internet here at Skype A Lesson.

Online Piano Lesson Teachers


Online Piano Lesson Teacher Frank

Frank has a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and a performance degree in jazz guitar from Berklee School of Music in Boston. Frank started the Orange County School of Music in 1990 with a staff of three and since expanded and changed the name to the New York School of Music and Fine Arts which employs over thirty teachers.


Online Piano Lesson Teacher Tierny

Tierny graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a degree in music theory and composition. Tierny took classical piano lessons while at school and played the violin in the orchestra throughout her time there. While studying at New Paltz, Tierny found a new appreciation for jazz and took some theory and piano classes studying Jazz performance.


Online Piano Lesson Teacher John

John was the winner of the 2005 New York City Library solo exhibition, where his work was on display in the New York City Library. His work was also recognized in the 2005 issue of EMB Magazine for artistic merit. While being an accomplished artist, John is also an experienced teacher and performer with guitar, drums, and piano.

Online Piano Lesson FAQ

How Do I Book My Online Piano Lessons

You can book your free online piano lesson right now, click below.  No Credit Card Needed.  You will have the chance to pick your best day and time.

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Do You Offer Free Online Piano Lessons

Your first private online piano lesson is 100% free, no credit card or obligation necessary. You can Book Your Free Online Piano Lesson right now. Or contact us at 845-534-2812 for more details.

Why Online Piano Lessons

Many times we are asked what are the benefits of taking online classes over local lessons. Although there are many benefits, the main benefit is convenience. When you have online piano lessons you do not have to worry about getting snowed in and missing your lesson in fact if you get snowed in this can be something to look forward to! In the busy world we all live in now one less place to drive your kids to will prove to be a major win for both parent and child. The list goes on and on on the advantage of taking online piano lessons, let us know why you chose to go online by contacting us.

Why Choose Skype A Lesson For Online Piano Lessons

There are many options out there when it comes to online piano lessons. At Skype A Lesson we don’t just offer competitive rates but we have accredited teachers and top of the line equipment / internet. Our teachers go through a rigorous interview process before they are allowed to teach. All of our teachers have a college degree from schools such as Berklee School of Music and years of playing experience. We have the latest and greatest computers and incredibly fast internet. We use multiple high definition cameras during the lesson to show different angles to the students as well as the best audio equipment. Don’t take an online piano lesson with mediocre equipment from someones house, try Skype A Lesson first for free and get the best online piano lesson experience out there.